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Why OKCoinJapan?

High liquidity and fast trading
High liquidity and fast trading OK Groups global liquidity enables fast trading among our customers.
Small spread and high liquidity
Small spread and high liquidity OKCoinJapan acts as a professional trading platform for our customers to enjoy small spread.
API Trading
API Trading We have a world-class API interface featured with massive data processing to meet the high-frequency trading needs of institutional investors and professional traders.
Deposits and withdrawals available at 24/7
Deposits and withdrawals available at 24/7 We support fast deposits and withdrawals of yens and cryptos, and trading anytime. * Except system maintenance

World-leading security

Wallet system
Wallet system
We use cold wallets to manage users assets, enabling secure, fast, convenient deposit and withdrawal of crypto assets.
Access control
Access control
All access to OKCoinJapan accounts requires a two-step verification.
System monitoring
System monitoring
System monitoring at 24/7 provides a secure and reliable trading environment.
OKCoinJapan App is on!

Provide more user-friendly spot trading experience

Various trading features

User-friendly asset management interface

APP provides more convenient earn service

Steps to start trading

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- STEP 01 - Sign up Enter your email and password
Complete your profile
- STEP 02 - Complete your profile Enter your personal information and upload your ID documents
Start trading
- STEP 03 - Start trading Start trading after ID verification is approved *After ID verification is approved, you will receive a "Account Opening Notice" postcard issued by OKCoinJapan.

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